Yokozuna Reaction Brake Cables. Limited stock due on the 07/12/18 pre order now.

The first truly compressionless brake housing; boosts braking power from road rim brakes to mechanical discs

- Brake housing is jet-Lubed END2END for smoother cable action.

- Tightly wound die drawn stainless steel cables

"Loving these cables. 6000+ miles on the road bike and 2 race season on the 'cross bike and they are still flawless. One of the best bang for your buck upgrades i have ever done." - Art (unsolicited comment on Competitive Cyclist)


Now available just for Shimano/SRAM road brakes! Saves you some money if you don't need shift cables at the same time. Long enough for disc brake road/CX bikes!

Featuring RapidWire Compressionless Technology
A high-octane cable system optimized for today's brake and drivetrain systems. The special housing delivers excellent compressionless performance for enhance cable response, especially for brakes, which has been hard for other makers to produce.

RapidWire Brake Housing:
- 5mm x 3500mm - 1
(Note: Housing is very stiff and strong; for best results cut with a sharp cable cutter or a Dremel tool. We do not warranty housing ruined with dull cutters. )

Stainless Brake Wire (Road Shimano/SRAM)
- 1.6mm x 1350mm - 1
- 1.6mm x 2750mm - 1

Collections: Yokozuna

Vendor: Ben Thomson's Cycleworx

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