Bike box hire - Everything you need to know

We have 6 of the excellent Bike Box Alan's for hire £7 per day. To enquire, please call 02086164049.

Bike Box Alan is suitable for mountain bikes, downhill bikes, road, time trial, track and integrated seat post bikes for riders up to 6ft 3in tall with the bare minimum of component removal.

✔  Easy to pack
✔  Lockable
✔  Includes foam packaging and straps
✔  Conforms with latest baggage handling restrictions
✔  Roof rack mountable
✔  Step by step instructions inside box
✔  Easy glide silent wheels
✔  Very tough 


    • Length: 111cm
    • Width: 94cm
    • Thickness: 30cm

    If you are transporting your bike by plane or courier, it is recommended to average out the dimensions as it usually results in a cheaper price.

    Will it fit in a car? It sure will, we have even fitted two inside a tiny VW Golf and 3 inside a black cab.

    For instructions on how to pack a bike box, watch this helpful video tutorial:


    Payment is required in advance and we advise you to contact your travel insurance when taking a bike abroad. We don't offer any insurance for your bike or the box. Upon collecting the box we need to be shown your passport/driving licence and a credit card. Cancellations with less than 1 weeks notice are subject to a £35 charge. Please note that we don't assist with packing of your bike. If you require your bike to be packed by us please book in advance, this is a £35 charge. 
    The box needs to be returned on the agreed date. Late fees are £35 per night plus the cost of refunding if the box has been hired by another customer.


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