Anything from a brake overhaul to machining of rear shocks can be achieved. All cleaning work is carried out with use of ‘Smart Washer' machinery which is 100% friendly to the environment. We aim to recycle all used parts and packaging. Have a stripped bottom bracket? Loose bottle cage mount? Can’t find a mech hanger? Get in touch. We always have solutions.
We also specialise in repairing Cervelo and Canyon bikes.

All services can be custom tailored to the rider's requirements


Tune Up Deluxe £60

  • Basic clean of whole bike
  • Lubricate gear and brake cables
  • Lubricate drivetrain
  • Adjust gears
  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust or fit brake pads
  • Install cables if needed
  • Straighten wheels in workshop stand
  • Adjust wheel hubs
  • Adjust headset
  • Check all bolts
  • Inflate tyres to correct pressure
  • Road test
  • *Parts at extra cost if needed

Degrease, Clean & Lube £89.99

  • Full degrease and polish of entire bike
  • Install any major additional components needed for service
  • Overhaul bottom bracket
  • Complete lubrication of all drivetrain
  • Lubricate gear and brake cables
  • Adjust gears
  • Adjust brakes
  • Adjust/fit brake pads
  • Straighten rotors and re-centre brake pistons on disc brakes
  • Straighten wheels in workshop stand
  • Adjust hubs
  • Adjust headset
  • Grease and tighten crank bolts and pedal threads
  • Wrap handlebar tape/install grips as needed
  • Inflate tyres to correct pressure
  • Road test
  • *Parts at extra cost if needed

Strip & Rebuild £139.99

  • Rebuild/regrease headset
  • Rebuild/regrease front wheel hub
  • Rebuild/regrease rear wheel hub
  • Rebuild/regrease bottom bracket
  • True/tension wheels off bicycle
  • Clean rims Inflate tubes
  • Check tyres
  • Regrease brake cables
  • Oil/centre brake calipers
  • Adjust brake levers
  • Reset brake shoes
  • Remove chain, degrease/oil
  • Remove cassette, degrease/oil
  • Retighten cranks & degrease
  • Oil/adjust front derailleur
  • Oil/adjust rear derailleur
  • Tension/oil gear cables
  • Adjust gear levers
  • Tighten pedals
  • Tighten handlebars
  • Tighten & grease headstem
  • Adjust wheel quick releases
  • Tighten & grease seat pillar
  • Tighten seat clamp
  • Tighten anchor bolts
  • Tighten Seat
  • *Parts at extra cost if needed

Super Deluxe MTB Service £290

Includes all features of the Strip & Rebuild plus:
  • Rebuild front & rear shocks
  • Service rear frame linkages
  • Bleeding hydraulic brakes
  • Replacing brake fluid
  • *Parts at extra cost if needed


Other Servicing

We are able to repair carbon fibre bicycle frames and wheels, costs vary depending on the damage. 

We are also able to service shocks and forks in house, spares are carried for Rockshox, Fox and Manitou. This service is also available to the trade. 

Please call 020 8616 4049 for more information



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