Strip & Rebuild £139.99

A complete strip and rebuild of your bicycle to your exact specifications. We recommend this service at 12 month intervals.

Rebuild/regrease headset
Rebuild/regrease front wheel hub
Rebuild/regrease rear wheel hub
Rebuild/regrease bottom bracket
True/tension wheels off bicycle
Clean rims lInflate tubes
Check tyres
Regrease brake cables
Oil/centre brake calipers
Adjust brake levers
Reset brake shoes
Remove chain, degrease/oil
Remove cluster, degrease/oil
Retighten cranks & degrease
Oil/adjust front derailleur
Oil/adjust rear derailleur
Tension/oil gear cables
Adjust gear levers
Tighten pedals
Tighten handlebars
Tighten & grease headstem
Adjust wheel quick releases
Tighten & grease seat pillar
Tighten seat clamp
Tighten anchor bolts
Tighten Seat
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