Cadence Aero Rim

Our Niobium-enhanced aluminum rim in a 30mm deep aero design for excellent vertical rigidity. Great crit or cross rim. At only 465 grams, it is probably the lightest alloy deep-section rim available.

  • CNC-machined braking sidewall.
  • 465 grams
  • 19 wide x 30mm tall x 13.6mm inside width
  • ERD: 577

What is Niobium-enhanced aluminum?
It used to be difficult to alloy Niobium and Aluminum together, because of their vastly different melting points. But now that has been figured out, we have a new alloy with nearly double the tensile strength and a finer grain structure over conventional aluminum. A special T10 process where the rim is cooled from an elevated temperature shaping process, cold worked and then artificially aged,
is applied to our premium rims.